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Lunch Box 260: Post-Thanksgiving, Part 2


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Gonna be a pain to clean this out afterwards Okay, this is a more typical post-Thanksgiving bento lunch: roast turkey and oyster stuffing with Thanksgiving aftermath gravy, steamed broccoli, steamed broccoli stem stars, sweet potato casserole with marshmallows, and homemade cranberry sauce. Sorry, no recipes for the stuffing, potatoes, and cranberries, because I didn't make them myself. (I had Thanksgiving with some friends, and my contribution was the bird and a batch of pumpkin pie tarts.) I'm hoping to crowbar the sweet potato casserole recipe out of my friend, because it was really good. The cranberry sauce, by the way, is in one of the little foil cups originally used for pumpkin pie tarts so I can lift it out before I microwave the rest of the box.

Incidentally, I've updated the gravy recipe. It seemed a little vague in spots, so I went into more detail, and tweaked the ingredients list 'cause cornstarch will work as well as katakuriko.

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