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Lunch Box 267: Another lunch


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You read ALT titles?  Wow, now I wish I had put something clever here. Yeah, that's a pretty lousy title. I need to plan my lunches out so they have a unifying theme I can make up a snappy title for.

Anyway, today's lunch includes omurice (ketchup packets not pictured), takoyaki, and steamed green beans. On the other side is a fruit salad with apple, persimmon, and mangosteen, and almond cake. Mangosteen, the white fruit in the right half of the box, is a kind of cool-looking fruit that we in the US are unlikely to get fresh because of import restrictions. (It would be bad if the Asian fruit fly got over here, y'know.) It's called "The queen of tropical fruit," but it's hard to tell why after it's been soaking in heavy syrup.

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