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Lunch Box 268: The Beginning of Christmas


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Party leftovers This meal is the aftermath of my cast's Christmas party, which was at The Old Spaghetti Factory. It took forever for them to get our food to all 40-odd of us, so we filled up on bread and the various goodies that cast members brought in. As a result, some of my chicken marsala followed me home, and from there to work in my bento box. That restaurant also has a delicious side dish, broccoli with olive oil and mizithra cheese. I haven't been able to find mizithra cheese in Kroger, go figure, but parmesan cheese is pretty close. So, here we have my first attempt to copy their dish using steamed broccoli with parmesan cheese. (It's delicious, but I think I can do better. I'll post a recipe when I get it sorted out.) Finally, on a more mundane level there's a baked plantain, and part of a storebought cream bun.

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