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Lunch Box 272: Yorkie!


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Why's it called pudding? It's not sweet or creamy. I got adventurous this weekend. I've made meat pies, despite never actually having eaten them before. Well, this time I got even more British and made Yorkshire pudding. It's not a complex recipe, but it's a fussy one - you have to follow it to the letter, and if you don't have an electric mixer (and of course I don't!) your arm will be ready to fall off before you finish beating the batter. Oh well, I can use the exercise.

Other stuff on the left side includes yakiudon-style vegetable noodles with chicken & vegetables, edamame, and baked purple sweet potato. On the right are some raisins, a storebought coconut & peanut mochi, and a fruit salad with apple, persimmon, mangosteen, and pomegranate seeds. Lemme tell you, it's fun eating pomegranate seeds with chopsticks, especially when they're slippery from the juice from the rest of the fruit!

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