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Lunch Box 278: Sticky stuff


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Sticky! As the title suggests, the (unintentional) theme for this lunch is stickiness. It started out normally enough with ham cut into thin strips to mix with the steamed pole beans. That came out nicely; I liked how the flavors mingled. Then there's sweet potato casserole, which I knew was going to be sticky, but after eating couscous with chopsticks nothing intimidates me. There are a few roasted chestnuts, which were quite easy to handle. However... the dessert is anko-filled onigiri, and that's where this lunch became messy. I cooked the rice with some sugar, and somehow it ended up quite sticky, almost gooey. (I didn't put that much sugar in, did I?) To keep the onigiri from sticking to the box I rolled them in katakuriko as if they were daifuku, and that more or less did the trick.

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