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Lunch Box 282: Cloud potatoes


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Ooh, the colors It's the end of the week and I have little energy for cooking. Thank goodness I can make bento lunches out of leftovers and a few things that take only a few minutes to prepare! I have obimake enoki - enoki mushrooms wrapped in turkey bacon - four pieces of smoked salmon sushi, some baked purple sweet potato, snow peas stir-fried in olive oil, half of a persimmon, and pomegranate seeds.

Most of the purple sweet potatoes - also called Okinawan yams, though yams are an entirely different plant - I've eaten have been dark purple, so much so that they photograph almost black. This one was lighter, and shaded in such a way that it made me think of the Photoshop cloud filter. Tastes just the same, though.

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