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Lunch Box 283: Chocolate & nuts


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I can clearly See my nuts. Today's bento starts with seafood okonomiyaki, which has as fillings and toppings mussels, squid, octopus, and shrimp. It's hard to see the tentacles in the photo, but they're there, honest. On the side is some edamame. On the right I have some boiled chestnuts, which taste pretty much like roasted chestnuts and, like roasted chestnuts, can be a pain to peel. The pain is under my fingernails, and brings thoughts of bamboo slivers to mind. I figured out an easier way to peel them by using a spoon to separate the linings from the nuts, but that didn't occur to me soon enough. Anyway, I also have a fruit salad with pear, persimmon, and apple, and a pair of See's chocolate & nut clusters. See's candies, by the way, are the best chocolates in the known universe.

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