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Lunch Box 286: Three-color bento


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Green and white I almost have a cool color scheme going with this box. There's the white of the rice in the shiitake maki, cucumber maki, and boiled egg. There's the green of the edamame, the cucumber in the sushi, and the oak leaf wrapping the kashiwa-mochi. There's the black of the box and the nori wrapping the sushi. So why'd I go and break the pattern by packing some slices of baked purple sweet potato? Because I didn't have any regular Japanese sweet potato, which has whitish flesh. Ah well.

When I roll thin, one-item maki I think of the Katamari Damacy games, in which you find sushi scattered in the strangest places - for example, being carried around a playground by crabs, or set out on plates with batteries of the same size.

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