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Lunch Box 295: Invertebrate sushi


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No skimping here! Today's weather is cold and cruddy, just above freezing and raining all day. Great weather for waiting for buses and trains. Days like this do not call for skimpy meals! I need energy to shiver with!

So, today I have baby squid sushi - I intended to make baby octopus sushi, but I defrosted the wrong cephalopod - and shrimp sushi, rice blocks with tamago furikake, steamed broccoli, baked purple sweet potato, edamame, and fruit salad with tangerine, grapes, and persimmon.

By the way, the seller former known as BigAirplane is back online using the name LuckyShipper. No idea why they abandoned the Bigairplane website and eBay seller ID without even a forwarding message, but whatever. I hope LuckyShipper will get more stock in soon, and will continue BigAirplane's excellent business practices.

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