My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 296: Seafeed


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Mine! I love French bread pizza. So quick and easy to make on a cold day after a long commute! The last time I baked French bread, in fact, I made a few very flattened loaves for the express purpose of cutting them in half and making pizza with 'em. Hence the meal you see before you.

Well, you sort of see. A jumbo hot dog octopus has invaded my lunch box - it probably snuck in with the steamed broccoli; you read about that kind of thing all the time, they're worse than tarantulas in bananas - and is coveting my pizza. You will be happy to hear that it was unable to eat the pizza, as I had the foresight not to give the octopus a mouth.

Oh, yeah - on the side is a tangerine and some grapes. Mmm.

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