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Lunch Box 297: Chunk style


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Thick enough to eat with a fork. Or chopsticks. This past weekend I found taro roots at Kroger for an actual decent price! Well, not really, as I learned when I got to the checkout; they had been mislabeled. But if they screw up the pricing, you get some free food, which means that this weekend's batch of iridori is all the tastier! Iridori is a stew with chicken, taro root (or new potatoes, if you don't have taro), bamboo shoots, carrots, and konnyaku (the dark twisty things). On the side is some steamed broccoli, which I drizzled with leftover juice from the iridori, and on the outide is a French bread mini-baguette. I packed that outside the box itself, underneath the furoshiki.

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