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Lunch Box 298: I'm pink, therefore I'm Spam


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Spam in your lunchbox at work, ham and pork Spam is not a regular item on my menu. I rarely think, "You know what I'm hungry for? Canned, hugely-processed meat product." But every so often I get the urge to make Spam musubi - which I first made because the idea of Spam sushi was so amusing - and it's actually pretty good. I use Spam Lite - no joke, it's part poultry, so it has less calories, fat, and sodium - fried up teriyaki-style, set on top of a brick of rice (made with a special Spam musubi press, of course!) and wrapped in nori. What got me thinking of Spam this time around was a party this weekend in which I re-met an old friend who had been living in Hawaii.  We of course started talking about Hawaiian cuisine, and she assured me that, yes, Spam musubi is the all-pervasive food item it's been described as.

And then there's some edamame, steamed broccoli, a French bread mini-baguette - actually, it's more like an extreme breadstick - with butter in a little container, and finally a sakura mochi (onigiri type). Yes, it's still not Spring, but seasons take a back seat to desserts.

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