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Lunch Box 300: Squid & Squash


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Three hundred? That's a lot of lunches! For my three hundredth bento entry I wanted to cook something all special and hardcore. So, check it out! I've got some calamari (or squid tempura, depending on how you look at it) with a little bottle of tempura sauce. Then there's some steamed kabocha, kabocha being a sweet Japanese squash that looks like a runty, dark green pumpkin. Of course I have some edamame. On the other side I have some toasted kabocha seeds, which were a byproduct of the aforementioned steamed squash. Then there's fruit salad with mango, apple, and lychees, and finally kashiwa-mochi, which is sticky mochi wrapped in an oak leaf.

I cooked for quite a while to make all this, and I enjoyed it quite a bit, This is my first experience with kabocha, and I plan to find more recipes for it. If you find it in the market, give it a try!

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