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Lunch Box 304: Spam pinwheel


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I don't love animals, I just hate plants. This lunch strikes me as slightly offbeat in several respects. First there's the Spam musubi, and Spam is offbeat all by itself. Then I have some steamed broccoli stems, complete with a few leaves. Many people sneer at broccoli stems, perceiving them as inferior to the florets, but as long as they're cooked until soft I think they're just fine. So, I cut the stems off a bunch of broccoli and steamed those by themselves. So there! Up above that is an oddly colored baked purple sweet potato whose shading reminds me of the Photoshop Render > Clouds filter. And for dessert I have about 2/3 of an an pan - had to cut it down to fit it in - and some khoai mě nuong.

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