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Lunch Box 307: A noodle is a noodle


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Bullet-shaped bamboo shoots I was in the mood to make yakiudon, but found that I did not have any udon in my cabinet. Oh, I had lots of noodles, but no udon. In particular, I had a lot of somen, which are fine noodles that you normally serve chilled and eaten with dipping sauce. Well, what the heck, I thought, wheat noodles are wheat noodles. And thus yakisomen was invented. I wasn't sure somen was tough enough to withstand the rigors of frying with chicken, cabbage, broccoli, mushrooms, and carrots, but it was equal to the challenge.

Then there's baked Japanese sweet potato, edamame, mochi (not sure what flavor it is - it was part of an assortment, so I'll find out come lunchtime) and a grove of takenoko no sato, which are little bitty chocolate-covered, bamboo-shoot-shaped cookies.

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