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Lunch Box 308: Pink eggs?


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NBC Peacock? Ah, food coloring. There is so much fun contained in those four tiny bottles. It allows one to make things like the shading in the rolled omelet here. I started with a cup of beaten eggs, and made the first layer without coloring. I added a drop of red and made the next layer, which was orange. Another drop for a pink layer, and another drop for brighter pink. For contrast, the omelet is resting on a bed of stir-fried teriyaki tofu. Below it is some edamame fresh out of the freezer. On the other side, we got a sesame-seed-covered mochi, a grove of takenoko no sato (chocolate covered bamboo-shoot-shaped cookies), and a fruit salad with mango, grapes, and lychees.

Just for the record, I went to Tomato - another of Atlanta's Japanese groceries - right before making this, and somehow I didn't use a single thing I just bought. Go figure.

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