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Lunch Box 309: Guinea buns


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Round things in little paper cups Would you believe I still had some leftover Thanksgiving turkey? My freezer is truly a cornucopia of wonders. With this treasure I made mini-turkey salad sandwiches on steamed buns. I made the steamed buns last night because someone reported having problems with the recipe, and the best way to test a recipe is by making it. (The verdict: the buns are good, but I'm going to tweak the recipe after a little more experimentation.)

Among the tiny sammitches are flavored lotus slices, in this case flavored with niku-jyaga broth, and imo kenpi, which are sweet potato sticks.  Sweet sweet potato chips; they're sugarier than I expected when I bought them. On the other side we have a side order of déjà vu: mochi, takenoko no sato, and fruit salad with apple, tangerine, grapes, and lychees.

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