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Lunch Box 315: Fried Food, Part I


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Chicken & egg, round & round Last night , in a fit of insanity, I cooked lots of stuff. Specifically, I fried lots of stuff. I don't often fry food in oil (as opposed to cooking stuff in a pan with just enough oil to keep it from burning) so this was a true aberration for me. But, well, we all have our days.

Anyway, here we have a yaki onigiri, which is a grilled, soy sauced rice ball with a crunchy crust. That may sound weird to you - it sure did to me! - but it's actually quite good, and it won't stick to your hands. Then there's some taro chips, which I fried like potato chips but taro root doesn't get brittle. Next, some steamed kabocha squash, which somehow managed to escape frying altogether. Finally, on the desserty side are some grapes and a green bean mochi.

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