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Lunch Box 316: Fried Food, Part II


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Not too terribly fried this time Here's the continuation of my fried food theme. It starts out with Spam musubi, which is not actually all that fried, since it cooked in its own grease, and Spam Lite (which I used) is not very greasy at all. Chaperoning that is some edamame, which I didn't fry in the slightest. But then I have fried plantains, AKA plantain chips, that are crispy and sweet and delicious from being immersed in hot oil. There is where the frying ends and I have the more typical-of-me baked Japanese sweet potato, a steamed bun with Nutella, and a green bean mochi.

Hmm... this lunch is more a "fried food in moderation" thing. I'll have to try harder. Maybe I'll make tempura or fish & chips.

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