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Lunch Box 317: "The Internet is for-"


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In volatile market, only stable investment is- I was going to title this "Fried Food, Part III," but something got the better of me. Or, looking at the title this entry ended up with, the worse of me.

Today's meal includes rice noodles cooked up yakiudon-style, with a pair of quail egg eyes. There's edamame fresh from my freezer. There's something new I tried last night, cassava fritters! I found yuca (cassava) root in my grocery store, figured I must be able to do something with it and bought one, did some research online, and found a Cambodian recipe for "num t'long mee chien" - basically cassava fritters. So I made it, and it turned out quite good when slathered with butter. (There are actually two fritters in the lunch box, packed warm with a lump of butter between 'em.) Finally, there are some grapes and a green bean mochi.

The monster in my noodles reminds me of Trekkie Monster from Avenue Q, hence the title quote. If you know the song it's from, you are a person of exquisite culture and taste!

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