My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 319: Blue food, man.


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This, that, and the other Here's an end-of-the-week festival of little leftovers, perfect for one of my small compact bento boxes. In roughly left-to-right, bottom-to-top order (because I feel like it, that's why) we have: steamed kabocha, a cassava fritter, baked Japanese sweet potato, takoyaki, zucchini & onion stir-fry, toasted kabocha seeds, and some lotus chips. Prep time was very short, as the only item I actually cooked that day was the potato, and that took all of 8 minutes in the microwave. The lotus chips are a new recipe, and I intended to include them in my earlier fried food festival, but I kept getting sidetracked by neat new recipes and leftovers that needed to be put to use. before their eviction time came.

I'm really looking forward to eating this lunch. I love all-sorts-of-little-things meals. However, they're only practical for me when I have a critical mass of leftovers after a fridge-stuffing run of cooking.

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