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Lunch Box 325: Mad Science


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Broccoli cancels out the fried food and makes it healthy. So there. It seems that locking myself in the kitchen for a few hours has become a Sunday tradition for me. I tried a bunch of new things and variations on old things. Some turned out well, and some were "learning experiences."

My main experiment was with potato croquettes. I've been curious about them, and finally decided to give them a try. The result pleased me, despite one big ol' snafu. The snafu doesn't figure into this box, so I'll save that story for another day.

Experiment number two: making a yaki onigiri with squid fried rice. Can it be done? Answer: yep! But because of the impurities in the rice they have a tendency to fall apart. It's best if the non-rice stuff is cut into very small pieces to prevent structural weakening. A successful fried rice onigiri is in front of the two croquettes above. Note: I didn't bother with the brushing-on-soy-sauce step, as the fried rice was already seasoned.

Control group: steamed broccoli. I need something reliable in my life, something I can count on. Broccoli is that thing.

Finally, chocolate dipped strawberries and grapes. I've dipped strawberries before. This time around I ended up with some extra melted chocolate, and I'd just bought grapes... why not? Why not indeed! It sounds like a weird combo, but then so does chocolate dipped Pringles until you've actually eaten one.

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