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Lunch Box 327: Bacon bites


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Only in the South... Today's lunch was brought to you by improvisation. Improvisation is how to deal with such potential disasters such as a shortage of panko when making potato croquettes. Not that I'd ever believe that I had a bag of panko in the cabinet when the fact was otherwise, but if I ever did, I'd substitute more flour and dub the result southern-fried potato croquettes.

Improvisation also leads to such brilliant innovations as bacon musubi. "Musubi" means knot (more or less - you know how rarely Japanese and English words match one-to-one) which makes Spam musubi all the more inexplicable. Well, bacon musubi are comparatively literal. I cut up a few pieces of turkey bacon into thin strips, tied each in a knot, and microwaved them. Hey, why not? It's no sillier than putting faces on rice balls.

And then there's steamed broccoli - a lot of it, hidden like a forest beneath bacon butterflies - steamed kabocha, and strawberries. Mmm.

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