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Lunch Box 330: My noodles are hardcore


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The octopus is trying to upstage the noodles Another weekend, another adventure in cooking. What'd I make to dazzle all and sundry? Octopus & vegetable yakiudon. The octopus is neato enough, I think, but this yakiudon is made with homemade udon noodles! Nope, I haven't bought a pasta maker; I did it all with my hands and a rolling pin. And if you go to the recipe page you'll be able to tell; those noodles are pretty irregularly cut! Homemade noodles may seem like a lot of effort to save a few cents on prepackaged noodles, but you can cut them any way you like, and that includes putting your cookie cutters and vegetable cutters to use.

And on the less hardcore (but no less tasty) side, there's a pumpkin cookie, sakura mochi (mochiko version), and grapes. Maybe less hardcore, but no less tasty.

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