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Lunch Box 333: Half of The Bento Of The Beast


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Chthulhu's baby One thing about pseuki yaki - unless you use a spoon, as opposed to chopsticking the solid stuff out of the broth, you end up with a lot of broth. Rich beef broth, flavored by seasonings and spinach and bamboo shoots and all sorts of other good stuff. True to form, I had to find other ways to use this, so last night I made beefy rice! That's rice made with beef broth instead of plain water. The flavor is excellent, no soy needed, and it makes perfect yaki onigiri. Joining the onigiri are a boiled egg and a garlic butter octopus cavorting in steamed broccoli, and on the other side is a bit (well, two bits) of almond cake and a fruit salad with banana, kiwi fruit, blood orange segments, and persimmon.

Today's pollen count: 5,937. That's the second highest count in Atlanta ever, I believe, and falls less than 100 short of the all-time record. I wonder if any recipes involve oak and pine pollen? Might as well put some of that crap to good use. I can just set my air cleaner outside for an hour, then shake the filter into a bowl and sift the stuff. Pollen bread, anyone?

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