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Lunch Box 334: Various whims


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Five of Seafood Friday! Go-to-work-in-jeans day! Eat-the-week's-leftovers-for-lunch-day!

Today I have garlic butter octopus and garlic butter shrimp - the last of the recent garlic butter spree - over beefy rice. Garlicky seafood over beef-flavored grain. How's that for a combo? Then there's steamed broccoli and some light-fried plantain chips. The latter was created on a whim; I had some ripe plantains and didn't want to bake them (wasn't in the mood for mooshy) or deep-fry them (oil calories, ugh). Hmm, why not try pan-frying thin chips with just enough oil to keep them from sticking? The answer: Why not indeed? They turned out really good, sweet and soft and non-greasy. Finally, there are some utterly appetizing tamarinds. Trust me, they are appetizing after you've developed a taste for them and gotten over their homely appearance.

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