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Lunch Box 338: Composition Study


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Organized chaos When I got home I was tired. How tired? So tired. Well... there was a bit of laziness in there as well. Anyway, when I'm dragging at the end of the work day it's a comfort to know that I can grab whatever veggies and protein I find in the fridge and fry them up with noodles for a quick and filling meal. So, here's some yakisomen, which is like yakisoba but with thin little noodles. It includes mushrooms, scallions, crab sticks, and lots of cabbage. And all around it are various leftovers: crab rangoons, latkes, and steamed broccoli. Mmmm-mm.

On the other side there's a deja-vu-inducing fruit salad with blood orange segments, tangerine segments, grapes, and pineapple-stuffed rambutans. Above that is an anko crepe which I cut into maki-style segments.

The colors aren't all in-your-face this time around, but there's something in their rhythm that pleases me. There are lots of twos here - two clumps of broccoli, two rambutans, two tangerine slices, and so on - and the colors and numbers seem to echo back and forth, with a few colors being reserved for one side or another only. No, I'm not praising my own incredible artisticalness; this is just stuff I notice when I look at the photo the next day. It just happens, and then I write about it as if it was part of a profound composition - much like critique sessions back in art college.

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