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Lunch Box 341: No, that's not salad.


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Meatball salad I got in the mood to make some cabbage-wrapped meatballs, so that's just what I did. Ahh, the simplicity of garlicking up some ground beef, shaping it into a ball, wrapping it in cabbage leaf, and frying it on low. Then there are some sweet potato latkes, which I made on a whim and for which I will post a recipe after I have another go at it to tighten it up. (Sweet potatoes behave a little differently from russets when you shred and fry them. Who knew?) Finally, there's a pair of crab rangoons, and some grapes.

The latkes were really a goof-around dish. I hybridized latkes and sweet potato casserole and ended up with eggy hash browns that had a slight sweet, cinnamony taste. Kinda weird, but not bad at all.

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