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Lunch Box 342: Crouching chicken, hidden flowers


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Flowers are vegetables? Today's lunch features yakitori over rice. Why haven't I been making yakitori? It's so easy and tasty. I guess I've been so busy being hardcore that I haven't paid attention to the simple elegance of marinated chicken meat impaled on a pointy stick. Anyway, this comes with a side of stir-fried zucchini, which is not incompetently burned as it may seem; I was going for a more seared kind of thing as opposed to a well-oiled stir-fry.

On the other side are a trio of pineapple-stuffed rambutans, the last of the imo kenpi, and a fruit salad of mango and grapes. (Can it be called a fruit salad if it only has two items? Dunno. Is there a strict definition for fruit salad?)

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