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Lunch Box 343: Flour flowers


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Shouldn't the noodles be pink? In a fit of hardcoreness, I made shrimp & vegetable yakiudon made with homemade udon noodles. You know what is cool about homemade noodles? You can control their size and shape. You can make thin little noodles or thick, chewy ones. That said, I have no idea whatsoever how those sakura-blossom-shaped noodles got into my lunch box.  It is against all of my principles, and indeed everything I hold dear, to commit such acts of artsy-fartsy cuteness. Rest assured, the culprit will be caught and brought to justice.

Ahem. There's also Spam musubi, some cut-up-small-to-fit sweet potato latkes, and pineapple-stuffed rambutans. The little container that is already closed contains yakisoba sauce.

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