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Lunch Box 345: Finite recession


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Division table Talk about colors! Mellow tans, greens & yellows, and purple, all interspersed with orange. I suppose it could use some red, but there's no logical place to put an umeboshi.

Today I have iridori, which is comprised of stir-fried/simmered chicken, konnyaku, taro root, bamboo, and carrot. Then there's stir-fried squash and carrots, which I made after eating something similar to this at a Chinese buffet. Big chunks of squash cooked tender and buttery, mmmm! And finally there's some persimmon and grapes. I used the persimmon first to outline the dish, then to divide it, and divide it again, and again, until I ended up with compartments big enough for a single grape. It continues the pattern of division of the bento box - halved horizontally, then halved again vertically. If I had kept it up I might have had a fractal bento.

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