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Lunch Box 347: Laziness = inspiration


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The ties that bind I've made obimake enoki - enoki mushrooms wrapped in bacon and broiled, a very tasty and snazzy-looking little item - many times. Well, I had some enoki and some bacon, but I lacked the patience to do all that fancy ikebanayaki business. So, I tried a variation which I shall now dub bacon and enoki mushroom stir-fry. It's nowhere near as pretty to look at, but it mixes the bacon and mushroom flavors even better, I think.

But wait, there's more stir-fry action! Check out the stir-fried cabbage, which is simply cabbage stir-fried in a little olive oil. Simple but really filling and tasty, providing you like cabbage, which I do. A few konnyaku ties from a recent batch of iridori repose atop the lush greenery. Then there's some baked Japanese sweet potato, and a side of persimmon, grapes, and a Swedish fish.

Pink bacon, orange persimmon, yellowish-white potato, green cabbage, purple grapes, red fishie. That's a pretty good spread, eh? I think I've covered it all... what, you want blue? Sheesh...

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