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Lunch Box 349: Seafood and gears


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Blue, but not blue food I'm cheating a little here. I'm actually on vacation all this week (my birthday present to myself) and thus don't really need to pack my lunches into boxes. However, all this free time means I can experiment with new dishes, which leads to recipes I want to share, so I'm bento-ing anyway!

Today's lunch (in the scary blue container) features oden, which is a hearty fishcake and vegetable stew traditionally served on "blustery evenings," as Winnie the Pooh might say. In this photo you can see egg, shiitake mushrooms, lotus root, tofu, potato, chikuwa, fish balls, and naruto maki coins. The latter item are the gearlike items with the pink swirlies in the center. I'd seen these peculiar things in manga like Ranma 1/2, so when I saw it in stick form in real life I had to snag some.

Then, in counterclockwise (or Goofy-watch-wise) order, there's stir-fried yellow squash which is more seared than stir-fried, teriyaki squid (which I actually put in with the oden when I ate it, it being seafoody and all), kinoko no yama (mushroom-shaped cookies with chocolate caps), and blood orange segments.

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