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Lunch Box 351: A meal fit for a Wizzard


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Bento lunches are portable and can be eaten on the run! Today's lunch is dedicated to Rincewind, Wizzard by trade and the Discworld's all-time sprinting champion. Since his favorite food is the potato, this meal includes it in two forms: baked sweet potato and Rincewind's potato cake. The latter is a recipe I adapted from Nanny Ogg's Cookbook, and is essentially potato croquettes minus the beef and plus some sage. (Nanny's cookbook, by the way, is a great read if you're a Discworld fan. I can't wait to make the Strawberry Wobbler, although I'd hesitate to post the results here.)

Then there's grilled chicken, which is appropriate for Rincewind because when he sprints it's never toward a goal, but rather away from something. The chicken is resting on a bed of edamame, and up above that are a steamed bun with anko filling and some Malaysian Boro coconut cookies.

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