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Lunch Box 352: Colors + shapes


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Earth tones, vivid colors, and pastels When I write up these lunches I always notice things that didn't occur to me when I packed them. With this lunch, it's the assortment of colors and shapes that reminds me of an "educational toy" - you know, the ones that parents buy so they can teach their prodigies what pink circles and blue squares are. Well, with this lunch you get an assortment of brown triangles and a pentagon (crab rangoons), some purple half-oval baked purple sweet potato, a yellow oblong (baby banana), and, hiding half out of sight, a circular tan takoyaki and a pink, semicircular sakura mochi (mochiko version). Oh, and there's the green steamed broccoli, which has no nameable shape, but that's to teach the kid that not everything fits into nice neat categories, which is an important life lesson right there.

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