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Lunch Box 355: Fruitfish


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Sorta winking It's Friday, which means it's time to get rid of the leftovers! So, here we have many recently-familiar items: steamed broccoli, Rincewind's potato cakes, and yaki onigiri (made with leftover rice). These surround a bit of crab stick meat, which isn't really leftover; I just thought it'd be yummy. On the other side are some raisins which appear to be trying to turn invisible, a piece of storebought pineapple cake, and a fruit salad of mango, kiwi, blood orange segments, and, swimming around like a clownfish in a cluster of anemones, a swedish fish.

The pineapple cake reminds me of Fig Newtons. Take a Fig Newton, use pineapple stuff instead of fig, make the dough sort of shortbready, and make it about twice as thick, and that's what the pineapple cake is like.

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