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Lunch Box 357: A slow start


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Bluuuue I promised to post blue food if I got 50 votes in the Blogger's Choice Awards, and you guys came through for me, so now it's time for me to keep my end of the bargain. Yes, I know that simply dipping things in food coloring is kinda lame, but the total passed 50 after I'd cooked dinner, and I wasn't about to make another whole meal. Expect much funkier food in the coming days!

So, here we have a boiled egg in a nest of edamame. (That's no robin's-egg blue, unless the robin had been eating Magic Markers.). Going clockwise, there's some steamed kabocha, a teeny serving of chicken & vegetable yakiudon (made with homemade udon noodles), a crab rangoon, and some orange slices and lotus nuts. The lotus nuts didn't take the food coloring too well, making them look like slightly-used gumballs. Hmm.

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