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Lunch Box 358: One fish, two fish, red fish, blue sushi


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Victory over Vivaldi All right. I'm officially making with the blue food. Today's entry in that category is the stylin' blue sushi of the inside-out maki variety. The fillings include artificial crab, avocado, egg, and cucumber, and the outside is dotted with sesame seeds. The maki form a "V" because last night, while playing DDR, I finally AAed V for Extreme, an 8-footer Heavy I've been trying to conquer for some time. (A and Paranoia Max, you're next!)

Several other colors are there to keep the blue company. There's orange steamed kabocha, green steamed broccoli (which always looks dark in my photos, phooey), and of course baked purple sweet potato. On the other side are some raisins (I bought a big bag of 'em, or had you guessed that?), a pineapple cake, and a fruit salad of orange segments, Korean banana, lotus nuts, and, somehow, a Swedish fish.

Those Swedish fish are multiplying. I wish I could get Dove chocolates to do the same thing.

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