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Lunch Box 364: Taste the rainbow


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The only color missing is yellow. Remember the blue flower-shaped noodles from yesterday's lunch? They're back in today's helping of octopus & vegetable yakiudon! The blue noodles are a pretty baby blue this time; yesterday's batch were teal because of the chicken broth they absorbed. I posed the baby octopi upside-down because this time around they have no heads. Do you know how tedious it is to clean baby octopi? I didn't have the patience when I made this, so I simply chopped the heads off. Nearly all of the meat is in the tentacles anyway.

So, there's the blue, plus green broccoli and whitish cabbage, and even orange carrots. Continuing more or less counterclockwise, we have more green in the form of edamame, purple in baked purple sweet potato, a tan-colored banana rangoon, and some red velvet cake. That cake is the last of my birthday cake, by the way. I love leftovers.

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