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Lunch Box 366: Blackbread


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PBJ? This weekend I tried a variation on okonomiyaki, a fave of mine. Wonder what it'd be like with purple cabbage? The answer: it'd be purple, of course! The cabbage itself tastes a little different, but it went well with the turkey bacon I mixed liberally into the batter and used as a topping. By the way, the batter had turned light blue by the time I made the third cake, but it wasn't noticeable after the cake was cooked.

Sometimes I get too adventurous in the kitchen for my own good. The result is the PBJ on the extreme right. If you don't see it right away, that's because it's on black bread. Dwarf bread, to be exact. If you're a Discworld fan, you already see the problem here! I found a recipe in Nanny Ogg's Cookbook, and after translating the British measurements to American 'cause I don't have a kitchen scale (Thank goodness for cooking sites with online calculators!) and tweaking a few things to compensate for the difference in British and American ingredients I gave it a go. And, although it wasn't a completely authentic Dwarfish recipe - they had to change it a little to make it edible for non-Dwarfs - it was really close. I could imagine using it as a weapon in battle. I can't recommend it except as an item of curiosity for Pratchett fans (who already have the cookbook, right?) so I haven't posted a recipe.

The rest of the bento is an exercise in relative normalcy. Steamed broccoli, blueberry mochi, some pumpkin cookies, and a fruit salad made with mango, lotus nuts, blackberries, and dried cherries. By the way, dried cherries are delicious. I could eat them by the double handful.

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