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Lunch Box 367: Cutting me own throat


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Eat and run If that title makes no sense, don't worry - it just means you're not a Discworld reader. The "sausage-inna-bun" is one of the many dubiously-called edibles sold by "Cut-Me-Own-Throat" Dibbler in Terry Pratchett's Discworld books. As with yesterday's dwarf bread, what I packed for my lunch is fairly inauthentic Discworld food because it is edible. Specifically, it's a turkey bratwurst on a bun made from cafeteria roll dough. With this are some baked steak fries (a little salute to Rincewind, the Discworld's chief potatovore) that I cooked with some rubbed sage.

Then, in a little lettuce cup, there's some Kool-Aid pickles. Yes, you read that right - pickles treated with Kool-Aid, in this case Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade, to make them turn blue and sweet. Yes, I'm still making with the blue food! And though combining Kool-Aid and pickles sounds icky... well, try it.

Finally, there's blueberry mochi - look, I made a lot of it, so you're gonna see a lot of it - and a sweet rice cake thing. Sugary puffed rice formed into a brick shape that tastes like breakfast cereal. But it's Chinese, so that makes it cultural as opposed to simple junk food.

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