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Lunch Box 368: Barnacles for lunch again?


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Barnacles? Today's new item is octopus barnacle sushi, There's no barnacles in it; it's a baby octopus set in some rice so that the tentacles sticking out make it look a little like an open barnacle. (Why, yes, I do subscribe to National Geographic. Why do you ask?) By the way, notice the light purple color of the rice? That's not food coloring. On a whim I boiled a leaf of red cabbage to leach out the color, then made rice with the purple water. The rice ended up a pleasing lavender tint, playing well off the color of the octopus's skin. I didn't taste any difference in the rice. I don't know if it gave the rice a cabbagey smell, because I'm anosmic. If you try this, let me know how it turned out.

Then there are some steamed broccoli and baked steak fries in an odd crop circle-ish pattern that I really can't explain. On the other side I have blueberry mochi, rice cracker mix, and a fruit salad made with mango, lotus nuts, blueberries, blackberries, and dried cherries.

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