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Lunch Box 369: Pastels for lunch


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Taste the rainbow Wow. This turned out beautifully if I do say so myself. I didn't plan for all those colors either. I made chirashi-zushi made with lavender rice - the rice I made with water in which I'd boiled a leaf of red cabbage, so the color tinted the rice - and when I made the egg "noodles" I dripped in food coloring to get different colors, same a if I was making a rainbow rolled omelet. Then there is the light green of the cucumber slices (which you can barely see in my photo, phooey) and the orange of the smoked salmon. When I saw those colors together on my cutting board I had to find some way to show them all, so I made this banded sushi thing instead of the usual layered-top-to-bottom deal.

By the way, the lavender rice, because it is colored by red cabbage, changes hue according to the PH of its surroundings. Watch what happens when you add vinegar mix to make sushi rice!

Then there's some steamed broccoli with simmered shiitake mushrooms. Actually, those mushrooms are part of the sushi, but I didn't want to break up all the pastels with those dark shapes. And up above I have blueberry mochi, blackberries, and dried cherries.

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