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Lunch Box 371: Octoballs


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One for each tentacle There are times my hardcoreness demands recognition. This is one of those times. See those things that look like walnuts? Those are takoyaki. Homemade takoyaki. I've had a takoyaki pan for a good long time, but I never managed to make decent takoyaki in it because of the lack of volume-oriented recipes and, more importantly, tips of the tricky techniques involved. Well, I finally got inspired by the realization that takoyaki batter isn't all that different from pre-cabbage okonomiyaki batter, and gave it another try. The result is some homely but tasty homemade takoyaki! I'll work on my technique to make them prettier in the future.

Off to the right I have a boiled egg hiding in some steamed broccoli. I've been playing Dragon Quest VIII, and it appears a Slime followed me to my lunchbox. Up above are a container of mayonnaise* for the takoyaki, a blueberry mochi, and some dried cherries.

* Actually, the non-mayo soy equivalent; real mayo might spoil before lunchtime.

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