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Lunch Box 372: Stuff!


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Crosseyed lychees When I cooked the food for this bento, I was inspired in a big way. I was inspired to make something like the "seafood delight" I often see in Chinese buffets, and I was inspired to use up a lot of stuff in the fridge that wasn't getting any fresher. So, I threw together a lot of vegetables and some crab sticks and created vegetable & seafood stuff. It includes broccoli, carrots, cabbage, baby corn, onion, zucchini, and water chestnuts, and I'm pleased with the way the flavors mixed. It's served over lavender rice - hey, I had more red cabbage, might as well continue with the funky rice! On the side is baked boniato. Boniato is also called "white sweet potato" or "Cuban sweet potato," and has a flavor similar to that of a Japanese sweet potato, but not as sweet, and the skins can be tough.

On the other side are a pair of blackberry-stuffed lychees that look like crossed eyes, a piece of blueberry mochi, and a fruit salad made with banana, persimmon, and blackberries.

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