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Lunch Box 376: Revenge of the blue food


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Cold colors, warm colors Bet you thought I was done with the blue food. Hah! I made a batch of 3 dozen octopus balls on Monday, and the last dozen turned out like the ones pictured here. So, add blue takoyaki to the list of blue foods. (They also have red cabbage inside 'em, adding a purple tinge.)

In an astonishing break from the usual broccolifest, I have steamed green beans. Then there's a boiled egg and some baked purple sweet potato. On the other side I have a little container for mayo for the takoyaki, some Swedish fish (I had to fill that little empty space somehow), Dwarf melba toast, and a fruit salad made with pink lady apple, persimmon, and lychees.

I have not posted a recipe for Dwarf melba toast because I haven't posted a recipe for Dwarf bread. The reason for that is that I don't want people thinking I'm actually recommending it. It looks like granite, and... well, I haven't broken a tooth on it yet. You can find the recipe in Nanny Ogg's Cookbook if you're really determined to bake it. To make Dwarf melba toast, slice the Dwarf bread really thin and toast it on low heat several times, turning to heat it evenly. You don't want to brown it, just dry it out a bit.

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