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Lunch Box 378: That Fearful Symmetry


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Leftovers all the way Friday! Leftover day! Some leftovers are more leftover than others. I made the beef gyoza months ago, and froze a batch before cooking for future use. Well, the future has arrived. Between them is a pair of hantako sushi, which is a fancy way of saying baby octopus sushi made with only half an octopus each. I figured that was the best way to display the pretty way the tentacles are curled up. Down below that are blue takoyaki, steamed green beans, and a boiled egg, Off to the right I have rice crackers hiding below Sesame Crisp Flakes. The latter are... well, they're kind of like peanut brittle, but made with black sesame seeds. Sweet and munchy, despite their looking like roofing. Finally, not pictured here, I stuck some cacao Pretz in the chopstick space between the lid to the upper compartment and the top lid.

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