My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 381: Spinach is weird.


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Holding the mayo Donburi time! Here's a pork, bell pepper, and mushroom donburi. To be precise (as Thompson might put it), it's a serving of my mom's pork chops cut into bite-sized pieces and served over rice. Sticky rice this time - my recent adventure with regular Uncle Ben's rice reduced me to eating it with a plastic spoon. I will not endure such shame twice.

On the right side is a vaguely geometrical collection of steamed yellow squash, baked purple sweet potato, and boiled spinach with mayonnaise. Yes, I eat spinach with mayo. I mix it up into a weird-looking green paste. My sister and I both think it's delicious this way; I haven't met anyone else who will even try it. Maybe it's genetic.

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