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Lunch Box 384: Return of the Fruit Salad Monster


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Revenge of the Blue Food Guess what? The Blue Food Thing is still going. I got home an hour late last evening due to foul weather and the resultant foul traffic, hungry and in the mood for comfort food. As I already had rice, it took little time to make up a batch of omurice... and, hey, why not add some blue food coloring to make blue omurice? That helped snap me out of my foul mood. So did the egg I used to make the omurice, which was a double-yolker. I felt like I'd somehow gotten a little bonus.

I also have  baked Japanese sweet potato and simmered shiitake mushrooms, and on the other side blueberry mochi, some tamarinds, and a fruit salad made with pink lady apple, persimmon, grapes, and lychees. Mmmm.

Not pictured: Wendy's ketchup packets. Hey, they always give me more of those than I need, and I don't like wasting even small things like condiments. Plus, it saves me the trouble of cleaning out little sauce containers.

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