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Lunch Box 385: I eats me spinach


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Popeye's bento I finally got home with enough time and energy to try a new recipe I've had my eye on! That recipe is ohitashi, AKA boiled, soy-soaked spinach leaves formed into tight little maki-like cylinders. I made it, and it was good, and, good grief, it is filling! Those four little inch-tall pieces contain half a pound of pre-cooked spinach. This will make up for my recent green-vegetable-lacking lunches.

On the right I have a yaki onigiri made with omurice filling. I was in a mood to use what I had on hand, and chicken fried rice is good in any case. Then there are some crab rangoons straight out of the freezer, and blueberry mochi. The little red box is a container of mayonnaise, because to me spinach simply tastes wrong without mayo.

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